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Ukraine forces liberate village of Blahodatne in Donetsk region"In Ukraine's favour is morale.
Its soldiers are highly-motivated.
And fighting to liberate.
Their own country from an invader...
...“The brigade's units.
Continue to increase.
Their success!
Victory will be ours!”"



Painting by Oleg Shupliak.“‘Elves’ energy infrastructure.
Has come under attack from ‘Mordor’.
Once again this week.
Leaving millions without power.
As temperatures drop below.
Freezing around the country.
There are fears ‘Mordor’.
Is “weaponising winter”...”



“With the help of his friends.
He moved to another European country.
He did not want to reveal the exact location.
He had lost some of his vision.
And doctors said this was a result of.
Head injuries from the beating.
“I feel better now.
But rehabilitation will take a long time.”
What does he think about filtration?
“They separate families.
People are being disappeared.”
“It's pure terror.””



Kurama (Japan). Poems about war in Ukraine (2022)

"Aware of a poet?
Aware of a poet?
A poet of Cossack broods over the land.
Not noting a bullet.
Not noting a bullet.
You see a poet of Cossack in Borodyanka."




Melitopol"For now, the sound of birdsong.
And the occasional bark of a dog.
Masks what has happened.
To this small community of Komyshuvakha.
As you drive south.
Towards the front line from Zaporizhzhia city.
The roads seem to empty.
Fewer people walk along the roadside..."



Painting by Anton Logov. Izyum. russian genocide in Ukraine 2022."This broken city is just beginning.
To tell its stories.
And reveal how many victims.
‘Orcs’ left behind.
The occupiers had a menu of abuses.
For those held in the dank basement cells.
Of a makeshift ‘orcs’ prison in Izyum.
There was more than one type of torture..."




An estimated 90% of the buildings destroyed were residential - BBC News."In early March, a local ecologist.
Had been trying to find.
A place to bury his father.
Who had been killed in the fighting.
He found to his disgust that.
The mortuaries were full.
He went to the local authorities to ask.
Where he could bury his father..."



Painting by Matiz.“‘Mordor’’s anthem.
Booms through loudspeakers.
And the tricolour flag.
Is unfurled.
But look a little closer.
And it's clear that.
None of the children's lips.
Are moving...”



​Painting by Anton Logov."In the police station, the Lord's Prayer was scratched.
On the wall of one of the cramped cells.
Alongside markings to indicate.
How many days had passed.
“Not only did he kill our children.
But he killed us, their mothers.
These days I’m a dead woman. And I want to address.
All mothers of the world: rebel against that assassin.”..."



Painting by Mariia Zhuravel.

«On Tuesday.
A hospital maternity ward was shelled.
No-one was hurt but.
It has further escalated fear among people.
Kherson is a city haunted by.
Relentless and indiscriminate attacks.
The city was liberated.
On 11 November...»



Painting by Mari Kinovych (instagram: @marikinoo)."Over a hundred people live.
In the village of Velyki Prohody.
The inscription on the gate says.
“People live here”..." 






Painting by Nikita Titov."All that time we were praying."
Numerous ‘orcs’ checkpoints.
Passing through the horror.
"We thought those were our last minutes.
It was extremely scary.
But we were lucky." 




Картина Олега Шупляка. Час рікою пливе.

"Words terrify when they remain not spoken,
When suddenly, they tuck themselves away,
When you don’t known how silence can be broken,
For someone else has said all you might say..."

(Lina Kostenko, translated by Ivan Doan)






Painting by Mars Hanson"... Я бажаю залишити те, що
Значно краще
Від слів
І звуків.
Пошукайте мене
У людях, що любила їх
До розлуки..."

Галини Мирослави)


Тарас Шевченко. Мені тринадцятий минало. Вірш для дітей."Мені тринадцятий минало.
Я пас ягнята за селом.
Чи то так сонечко сіяло,
Чи так мені чого було?.."

(Тарас Шевченко)

Bye, baby BuntingВіршики-забавлянки "Clap, clap handies", "Bye, baby Bunting", "Clap hands, clap hands" в англомовній та українській версіях.







Spike Milligan. My sister Laura"My sister Laura's bigger than me
And lifts me up quite easily.
I can't lift her, I've tried and tried;
She must have something heavy inside."

(Spike Milligan)

Painting by Heorhiy Narbut. Fairy Tales (1910)."what to tell children 
what fairy tales to recite 
what songs to sing them 
what lullabies when the wind 
growls like a bear in the night?"

(Gabriel Rosenstock)





Viktoria Stasiv. The rhymes in English for kids. Parrot."Always say Bon appetit!
To all people when they eat
Or just say Enjoy your meal!
And it'll show them how you feel."

(Viktoria Stasiv)

Посилання на твори Тараса Шевченка за абеткою

Щоб швидко знайти на нашому сайті твір Тараса Григоровича Шевченка, скористайтесь абетковим покажчиком, де посилання на вірші та поеми Кобзаря розміщені у порядку "від А до Я".





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