Kurama (Japan). «​A poet called Tayra» — a poem about the russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 (video)


On this video:  Kurama (Japan). «​A poet called Tayra» — 
a poem about the russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022.
Elyzaveta Sliusarenko reads this poem 
and Yulia Sliusarenko created this video. 




‘Orcs’ captured the land.
‘Orcs’ captured, but she’s back to.
‘Orcs’ captured the land.

‘Gandalf the Green’ announced her release from ‘Mordor’.
“I’m grateful to everyone who worked for this result. Tayra is already home.”

“I know that everything will work out and we’ll all be home as I’m now.”
Tayra thanked ‘Gandalf the Green’ for his efforts to get her released.

Tayra and her driver were taken prisoner by ‘orcs’ on March 16.
The same day an ‘orcs’ airstrike hit a theater, killing around 600 people.

Using a body camera, she recorded her team’s efforts in Mariupol.
Over two weeks to save the wounded, including both ‘orcs’ and ‘elves’ soldiers.

Breathing deeply to contain his emotion, her husband told.
“Such a great sense of relief. Those sound like such ordinary words.”

‘Orcs’ captured the land.
‘Orcs’ captured, but she’s back to.
‘Orcs’ captured the land.

On Feb. 24, the first day of the war.
Tayra bandaged an ‘elf’ soldier’s open head wound.

Two days later, Tayra ordered colleagues to wrap him in a blanket.
She called the young injured ‘orc’ soldier “Sunshine”, as usual.

“You’re taking care of me,” he tells her, almost in wonder.
Tayra answered, “We treat everyone equally.”

Later that night, two children — a brother and sister — arrived.
Gravely wounded from a shootout at a checkpoint, whose parents were dead.

By the end of the night, despite her entreaties to “stay with me, little one.”
Tayra turned away from his lifeless body and cried to close the boy’s eyes.

‘Orcs’ captured the land.
‘Orcs’ captured, but she’s back to.
‘Orcs’ captured the land.

To cheer up discouraged ambulance drivers and patients alike.
Tayra cracked jokes. She embraced doctors.

Tayra complained about chronic pain from back and hip injuries.
And always, she wore a stuffed animal for any children she might treat.

An injured ‘elf’ soldier asked her to call his mother.
Tayra told him he’ll be able to call her himself, “so don’t make her nervous.”

On March 15, Tayra asked the journalists to take the data card safely out.
Hiding the treasure inside a tampon, the team passed through 15 ‘orcs’ checkpoints.

A video aired during a March 21 ‘orcs’ broadcast announced her capture.
Groggy and haggard, that was the last time Tayra was seen.

‘Orcs’ captured the land.
‘Orcs’ captured, but she’s back to.
‘Orcs’ captured the land.

Once upon a time there was a poet called Tayra in Japan.
He left poems with his teacher and in his quiver to fight to die.

‘Orcs’ captured the land.
‘Orcs’ captured, but she’s back to.
‘Orcs’ captured the land.


Yuliia Payevska (Tayra).

Yuliia Payevska (Tayra).

Source: https://www.koryu-meets-chess.info/



On this video: fnree Tayra: a daughter’s plea for Ukrainian medic captured by russians.


On this video: #SaveTaira
Invictus Games Team Ukraine video message

Yuliia Paievska, better known as Taira, is a civilian paramedic, the founder and leader of “Taira's Angels”, a volunteer medical evacuation unit. She is a member of Team Ukraine at the Invictus Games. Taira (link to “Taira’s Story” in a Q&A format) is a front line ‘medical angel’. She has always worked in the most critical flashpoints, taking Ukrainian wounded warriors out of fire. She has more than 500 rescued lives of Ukrainian soldiers to her credit. Taira has rescued more than 500 lives of Ukrainian military personnel, since the beginning of the Russian invasion in 2014. Now it's her own life that needs to be saved....



Painting by Nikita Titov.

Painting by Nikita Titov.



Ukrainian paramedic who filmed casualties during the battle for the port of Mariupol has been freed after three months in Russian captivity.
President Volodymyr Zelensky gave no details when he announced the release of Yuliia Payevska, who is better known by the nickname Tayra.
He said only that she had been freed and was already home.
Russian media tried to portray her as an extreme nationalist — a description rejected by family and friends.
Footage she smuggled out of Mariupol showed Ms Payevska and her fellow medics tending to both Ukrainian and russian wounded soldiers, according to the Associated Press which received the video.
The 80-day siege, during which thousands of civilians and combatants were killed and much of the city was destroyed, ended in the surrender of its Ukrainian defenders in mid-May.
Ms. Payevska was captured along with a colleague on 16 March, the same day a bomb destroyed an air raid shelter inside a Mariupol theatre, reportedly killing hundreds of people, in an attack blamed on Russia.
She had handed AP over 256 gigabytes of footage recorded on her body camera, and the precious recordings had been spirited out of the city on 15 March by a journalist who had hidden it in a tampon.
AP describes the video as a "visceral testament to her efforts to save the wounded on both sides".
On Friday, President Zelensky said: "I can announce today that we managed to free from captivity Tayra... I am grateful to all who worked to achieve this result. Tayra is already home. We will go on working to bring everybody back."
The Ukrainian government had demanded the release of Ms Payevska, a former member of the Ukraine Invictus Games for military veterans.
The government argued that as a paramedic she was not a combatant and could not be held as a prisoner-of-war by Russia under international treaties which set out standards for the humanitarian treatment of captives.
Russian media reports accused her of being a member of the Azov Regiment, a unit of the Ukrainian army with roots in the far right. AP found no evidence of the claim, and quotes friends and colleagues as saying she had no links to Azov.
Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, saying it aimed to "de-Nazify" and "demilitarise" its former Soviet neighbour.
In the ferocious war which has followed, the UN says that more than 4,500 civilians have been killed and nearly 5,600 have been injured. Thousands of combatants have also been killed or injured on both sides.
More than 13 million people have fled their homes, according to the UN.
Fighting has switched from the area around the capital Kyiv to the eastern regions where Russian-backed separatists already hold large stretches of territory, and the conflict has developed into a war of attrition dominated by artillery.
The West has responded to the invasion by imposing severe sanctions on Moscow and supplying weapons to Ukraine but has not intervened directly in the war against Russia, a nuclear superpower.​

Source:Ukraine war: Tayra, medic who filmed Mariupol horror, freed from Russian captivity — BBC News




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Ukraine war: Tayra, medic who filmed Mariupol horror, freed from Russian captivity — BBC News

#SaveTaira share her Story | Invictus (invictusgames.in.ua)

«Росія не хоче її обміняти». Український волонтер Юлія Паєвська у полоні та в ефірі російського НТВ (radiosvoboda.org)



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Kurama (Japan). Poems about war in Ukraine (2022)

"Aware of a poet?
Aware of a poet?
A poet of Cossack broods over the land.
Not noting a bullet.
Not noting a bullet.
You see a poet of Cossack in Borodyanka."





Вірші про війну"Коли закінчиться війна,
Я хочу тата обійняти,
Сказати сонячні слова
І повести його до хати,
Ти – наш Герой! Тепер щодня
Я буду дякувати Богу 
За мирне небо, за життя,
Всім, хто здобув нам ПЕРЕМОГУ!"
(Ірина Мацкова)​


Вірші про Україну

УкраїнаДумки українських поетів про рідну країну, їхні відчуття до української землі і нашого народу — все це юні читачі зможуть знайти в представленій добірці віршів про Україну від Ганни Черінь, Юрка Шкрумеляка, Наталки Талиманчук, Іванни Савицької, Уляни Кравченко, Яни Яковенко, Василя Симоненка, Івана Франка, Володимира Сосюри, Катерини Перелісної, Богдана-Ігоря Антонича, Марійки Підгірянки, Миколи Чернявського, Володимира Сіренка, Іванни Блажкевич, Грицька Бойка, Миколи Вінграновського, Платона Воронька, Наталі Забіли,  Анатолія Камінчука, Анатолія Качана,  Володимира Коломійця, Тамари Коломієць, Ліни Костенко, Андрія Малишка, Андрія М’ястківського, Івана Неходи, Бориса Олійника, Дмитра Павличка, Максима Рильського, Вадима Скомаровського, Сосюра Володимир, Павла Тичини, Петра Осадчука, Варвари Гринько та інших відомих українських поетів.



вчимо мовиДуже корисними для вивчення іноземних мов є саме вірші, пісні, казки, римівки, а також ігри. Природнім шляхом діти розвивають слух, навчаються вимові, інтонації та наголосу; вивчають слова та мовні структури. Пісні та римівки чудово сприймаються дітьми, малята люблять усе ритмічне та музичне, вони засвоюють це легко та швидко, тому що дістають від цього задоволення.

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