Kurama. «A poet from Izyum» — a poem about the russian invasion of Ukraine


Painting by Nikita Titov.

Painting by Nikita Titov.






"All that time we were praying."
Numerous ‘orcs’ checkpoints.
Passing through the horror.

"We thought those were our last minutes.
It was extremely scary.
But we were lucky." 

"Bodies were lying in the streets.
We tried not to watch them to save our minds.”
“The shelling was non-stop.”

"Everyone brought everything they had.
We all shared food."
"It helped us not to lose hope."

After two months living in the basement.
Two nerve-shredding days on the road.
Hiding from ‘orcs’.

‘Orcs’ were looting everything.
‘Orcs’ were armed and often very drunk.
‘Orcs’ drove around in Izyum.

In a convoy of vehicles.
She headed away from her home city.
And in safety she felt like lost everything.

"Now I realise I was living in a paradise."
She misses the days when she would plant                                                              flowers.
In the garden with her granddaughter.

Source: https://www.koryu-meets-chess.info/



Painting by Yulia Vilna.
Painting by Yulia Vilna.


The original story on the BBC news is like this:

"'We tried not to watch' — escapees recount terror of Russian-occupied Izyum — BBC News



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"Aware of a poet?
Aware of a poet?
A poet of Cossack broods over the land.
Not noting a bullet.
Not noting a bullet.
You see a poet of Cossack in Borodyanka."



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