Kurama (Japan). «A poet as no. 319» — a poem about Ukrainian children's poet Volodymyr Vakulenko (2022 russian invasion of Ukraine)

Ukrainian children's poet Volodymyr Vakulenko


Ukrainian writer Volodymyr Vakulenko, who was under Russian occupation and then listed as missing, is dead. His body was found in one of the graves (number 319), near the town of Izyum, and the DNA expertise just confirmed it is him. Before the arrival of Russian troops, Volodymyr managed to hide some of his notes in the ground. The notes have been retrieved a couple of months ago, when the area was liberated by the Ukrainian army. Volodymyr was the only child of his parents. He leaves behind a son of his own who has autism. Volodymyr lived with his son and was his primary caretaker. Volodymyr wrote fiction and poetry, as well as books for children.
This is what Russia does: kills writers of children's books.




A diary by Volodymyr Vakulenko


Volodymyr Vakulenko (1972 – 2022), a writer and poet from the Kharkiv Region, abducted by the russian military in the village of Kapitolivka, kept a diary during the occupation of the Izyum Region. Before the russian invaders took him away, he hid his notes under a cherry tree near his home and asked his dad to "Give it back to people when ours (Ukrainian military) will come". Unfortunately, it was confirmed earlier this fall that the writer was killed by the occupiers (russian military) and his body was found in one of the mass burial graves after the liberation of the city of Izyum in September.
Volodymyr Vakulenko was in love with the Ukrainian language. He wrote poetry in Ukrainian and books for children.
The war in Kapitolivka near Izyum, where the writer was born and lived, began with massive shelling and airstrikes. For a week, Olena (his mother) could not get to her son and grandson, even though they lived on the next street. After the divorce, Volodymyr raised his son alone. His son has autism. It's known that Volodymyr Vakulenko's notebook and books were given to the Literary museum by his family to be further digitized. Currently, only an excerpt from the diary is freely available. In it, Volodymyr wrote: "Everything will be Ukraine! I believe in victory."  He was a Ukrainian public and literary figure, novelist, poet, translator. Author of thirteen books and laureate of literary prizes.

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On this video: An entry from Volodymyr Vakulenko's diary | translated by Olena Starik. Read by Kirk Lawrence-Howard.





(This poem is about Ukrainian children's poet Volodymyr Vakulenko)

A poet was detained.

And interrogated.

By ‘orcs’ forces in late March.

Then released.

The next day.

Witnesses saw two soldiers.

Leading him away again.

They say he shouted.

“Glory to Ukraine!”

Then he was bundled.

Into a car.

With a Z on it.

When his skeleton was recovered.

From the pine forest.

Two bullets were found.

In his grave.

“You jackals! How could you?”

His mother demanded of his killers.

At his funeral, bending over the coffin.

Draped in the blue and yellow ‘elves’ flag.

“God teaches us to forgive, but.

I will never forgive the murderers.”

Hugging a framed photograph of her only son.

Tightly to her chest.

“I will live in the hope and belief.

That the investigation finds.

Who's responsible and that the killers will be punished.

I will live for that dream.”

Her son's friends have found a diary.

He kept at the beginning of the war.

And buried beneath a tree.

Before his arrest.

It talks of his fears.

As a prominent ‘elves’ patriot.

In a small village.

Occupied by ‘orcs’.

“It is extremely dangerous for me.

To be encircled by the enemy,” he wrote.

The last entry, scrawled on chequered notepaper.

Describes seeing a flock of cranes overhead:

“Through their chirps.

I seemed to hear.

'Everything will be Ukraine!'.

I believe in victory!”

In total, 451 bodies.

Were found in Izyum.

Including seven children.

Beneath long rows of simple wooden crosses.

Buried in the pine forest.

In haste and under fire.

Most had no coffin.

Nor even a body bag.

Many also had no name:

The wooden crosses.

On their graves were marked.

Only with numbers.

But the body that was buried.

As number 319 has now been identified.

DNA tests established it as him.

A children's writer and poet.

Nine months after he died.

His family were finally.

Able to give him.

A funeral.

“Through their chirps.

I seemed to hear.

'Everything will be Ukraine!'.

I believe in victory!”

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Ukrainian children's poet Volodymyr Vakulenko.

Ukrainian children's poet Volodymyr Vakulenko.


This is a children's book Volodymyr Vakulenko (1972 – 2022) wrote in 2014. It's called Daddy's book.


This is a children's book Volodymyr Vakulenko-K. (1972 – 2022) wrote in 2014. It's called "Daddy's book"... Volodymyr was a Ukrainian poet, children's writer. He was killed by russians, enemy invaders, near his native village during the Russian occupation of the Kharkiv area in Ukraine in 2022. It was confirmed that his body was in one of the mass burial graves in Izyum. ???? The Russian military abducted the writer from his home at the end of March. Since then, his relatives have not seen him alive.???? "Participant of the Revolution of Dignity, volunteer and activist. He never hid his beliefs. Conflicted over language. Was principled. He also loved children very much, wrote poems and fairy tales for them". "Stary Lev" Publishing House in Ukraine decided to republish "Daddy's Book" by Volodymyr Vakulenko after his death.

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"Aware of a poet?
Aware of a poet?
A poet of Cossack broods over the land.
Not noting a bullet.
Not noting a bullet.
You see a poet of Cossack in Borodyanka."





Вірші про війну"Коли закінчиться війна,
Я хочу тата обійняти,
Сказати сонячні слова
І повести його до хати,
Ти – наш Герой! Тепер щодня
Я буду дякувати Богу 
За мирне небо, за життя,
Всім, хто здобув нам ПЕРЕМОГУ!"
(Ірина Мацкова)​


Вірші про Україну

УкраїнаДумки українських поетів про рідну країну, їхні відчуття до української землі і нашого народу — все це юні читачі зможуть знайти в представленій добірці віршів про Україну від Ганни Черінь, Юрка Шкрумеляка, Наталки Талиманчук, Іванни Савицької, Уляни Кравченко, Яни Яковенко, Василя Симоненка, Івана Франка, Володимира Сосюри, Катерини Перелісної, Богдана-Ігоря Антонича, Марійки Підгірянки, Миколи Чернявського, Володимира Сіренка, Іванни Блажкевич, Грицька Бойка, Миколи Вінграновського, Платона Воронька, Наталі Забіли,  Анатолія Камінчука, Анатолія Качана,  Володимира Коломійця, Тамари Коломієць, Ліни Костенко, Андрія Малишка, Андрія М’ястківського, Івана Неходи, Бориса Олійника, Дмитра Павличка, Максима Рильського, Вадима Скомаровського, Сосюра Володимир, Павла Тичини, Петра Осадчука, Варвари Гринько та інших відомих українських поетів.



вчимо мовиДуже корисними для вивчення іноземних мов є саме вірші, пісні, казки, римівки, а також ігри. Природнім шляхом діти розвивають слух, навчаються вимові, інтонації та наголосу; вивчають слова та мовні структури. Пісні та римівки чудово сприймаються дітьми, малята люблять усе ритмічне та музичне, вони засвоюють це легко та швидко, тому що дістають від цього задоволення.

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